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--- Quote from: docb on June 17, 2009, 08:15:40 PM ---Shawn will be working on some Otaris over the next few days as well. We are finding that the later models have a really miserable epoxy holding the fixed guides together and we are working our way through various non destructive methods of getting the little b*****ds apart in order to modify them.

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Have you tried soaking them in acetone or MEK? I'm thinking you probably have. Sometimes if that won't work alone, if you boil the parts in water for about an hour and then soak them in a solvent that works a little better. The boiling causes small cracks that the solvent can enter and do their thing (kind of a mild version of torching a bolt). There are a lot of 2 part adhesives though and finding out exactly what you're dealing with is key. I'd imagine that since they're guides, whatever they used is probably more alcohol/head cleaner resistant than most.

Maybe I should drive over to their new distributor tomorrow and "turn on the ole charm"! Even if they don't tell me what the bonding agent is or give me a handful of guides, they'll be begging to deal with you guys!

We've tried acetone, which works on the older ones. There are some plastic edge guides in each guide - not sure what kind of plastic. It handles acetone OK, but we haven't ramped up to MEK yet. Heat seemed to help a little, but once again there is some concern about messing up the plastic so we haven't really cooked one yet. We only have a few spares that we can afford to destroy so we are being fairly methodical.

I has hoping just to upgrade the tension arms on my Otari 5050 II , but I can't get them off as the screw is too tight. Any ideas on that one. That is the only thing
I really plan to upgrade with doc's upcoming mods. Ben.

The black guides are so hard the carbide cutter dulls just taking the finish off. With an attempt to cut into the guide is made it chips. Have you determined what this "plastic" is? What technique is working for you? I'd like to be a tester for the Otari kit.

Whatever the edge guide material is (ceramic? Bakelite?) it can take heat. Shawn uses a heat gun to loosen the thread locker on the head block guides. Not sure if he has had issues with the screws on the tension arms. I'll let him add any tips he may have.


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