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 OK so I took the other 2 apart. This time I chuck it in the lathe and used a small vice grip, which was able to be clamped then spun without having to release it. It did not leave a mark on the spacer. They come apart fairly easily.

 I think the thread lock is the glue that holds the black guide edge to the SS spacer. As evidenced by one that came apart: stainless spacer then black edge guide and so on. There was more thread lock on the tape side of the black guide than the SS spacer. I think the thread lock was put on the rod before the black guide was threaded on instead of between the black edge guide and SS spacer. Removing the tread lock from the treaded rod was a bit of work with the brass brush I used, but did clean off well. Using the threaded rod to work the excess goo out of the threads worked fine.
 So for everyone to do this two vice grips could be used. A large one and a small one, where the large vice grip is clamped in a vise and the smaller is used to turn the other sections off. Note it is easy to flex the threaded rod being it is a 3x6mm thread and 3mm is just shy of an 1/8 inch. So try to turn the tool like a knob from as close to it's center as you can once the initial few loosening turns.

Now who will be first? Me?

Well finally after too much time having the kit I've installed the bearings. Funny thing, I didn't want to open the machine and unscrew the tape guide posts. So I first thought of trying a tap handle, but it is only for a square shank. Then the brainstorm blew in. I grabbed my 1/2" drill. Chucked the left post up, hand tightened it and hit reverse. BINGO! everything but the base section unscrewed together. This worked for all three, easy as pie. :-) Still having the guides I took apart above made the job easier yet. All i had to do was load the spacer, bearing, spacer, bearing, spacer onto the screw and assemble it back to the base of the guide still on the machine. Wish I took pix. *thumbsup*

Have been playing tapes today. Noticed there is a wrrring sound coming from the deck. In the past I suspected the capstan but discounted the idea since the machine recently came back from JFR. It seems the rollers are each wrrring at a different pitch. While a tape was finishing in silence I held the right arm and pulled the tape away with the back of my finger. The WRRR became much quieter. So with the tape packed away I took a pencil and used the eraser to spin the last three bearings, they all spin madly along with different pitches of wrrring. Did I miss a lube step in the assembly process?

I have only noticed the sound in fast wind. In play the decks have always been quiet.

At 15ips the zzzz of the tension arm w/safety switch is loud enough to be heard during music playing. That's with me sitting at the listening position. The deck is behind me 7-8ft and on the opposite side of the wall to the left of a large door opening. Is there a way to lube these tiny bearings? Am I missing something?


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