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Author Topic: "Audiophile" tape decks - Mark Levinson ML-5  (Read 19451 times)

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Re: "Audiophile" tape decks - Mark Levinson ML-5
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Newcomer here; just wanted to bump this thread a bit, given the mention of the ML-5.
As a 'consumer enthusiast' I was always curious about very high-end modded decks like the Levinson, and  when I learned about it, I found the CD re-issue of one of the recordings made on it: jazz pianist Randy Weston's double album 'Ancient Future/Blue'.

The liner info is as follows (for 'Blue')
Produced by Thomas Buckner.
Recorded by Gerald Oshita on the ML-5 using 2 B&K 4133 mics.
Northwest Recording Studio, Seattle, Washington, March 1983.

I just thought this might be of interest.

Claus Harding, Washington DC.