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Be Altitude; Respect Yourself--first impressions.

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My tape was at the door today when I got home from work. Just finished the A reel, and really can't add anything that Mike didn't already say. While the Staples are not normally part of my heavy rotation of listening, I just got sucked into the vortex created by the bass. That is some of the most infectious funk playing I've heard. The space, air and width in and around the voice and instruments of "I'll Take You There" was mesmerizing, as was the lyrical content of "Respect Yourself". I don't have LP versions to compare it too though.

OK, guys......you got me on this one! At first, I was respectful but wondering if I would ever play this more than once, and also wondering why we couldn't have had the Temptations or Marvin Gaye - but then "I"ll Take You There" started, and I was transported. High, high energy, and a classic slice of African-American music - funk, gospel and blues all rolled up into one package. Did you like Sly and The Family Stone? Aretha Franklin? If so, you'll like this!


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