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Be Altitude; Respect Yourself--first impressions.

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Number 12 found it's way to my door at 3 and by 4 the volume was at 2!

Great description Mike! And the clarity on "I'll Take You There" really shows how keeping things nice and clean lets all the subtle stuff like depth and width come through. I can tell this is going to be a huge favorite for demos (it'll give Blackjack David a break for a while at least). I'm so glad I got the Flux head all dialed in before this one got here because, as already indicated, this one really thumps. The vocals have incredible presence and you can really get inside of the harmonies to see what's going on in there.

I think that it would be a pretty rare individual that wouldn't have the head-bop thing going on the very first cut. And by the end of tape one, just about every cell will have found the groove! A good selection for removing those unwanted pounds whether you need it or not!

This one came out during my last couple of years in Atlanta and "rockin soul" dominated the airwaves. I've noticed a few clues here and there lately that gospel based vocal stylists are on the rise and I couldn't be happier about it.

Just a great, great selection guys!

I just wanted to say several things here.  First of all, another great review by MikeL.  I like the way Mike describes what he hears and how the tape compares to the LP.  The second thing is, it is obvious this is one groovin' tape.  The Staple Singers is one of those bands that I have none of their music and never had any plans to buy any.  After reading the reviews of the tape, it makes me want to hear it.


Got mine this afternoon and I've already played through both tapes. I think this is the first gospel type of album that I have in my collection. One thing I have found is that the TP has broadened my musical exposure, just as collecting classical records has broadened my forays into 20th century music.  THe album was a lot of fun - it is infectiously toe tapping and the rhythm section is really fine.  Only one question. On the sheet it lists "Beatitudes" from Matthew as the last cut. I don't have that on my tape.   Thanks, Larry

Hey Larry,
It looks like you're as good a biblical scholar as I am. After a check of the wiki;

the Beatitudes (from Latin beatus, meaning "blessed" or "happy"[1]) are blessings from Jesus recorded in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew and the Sermon on the Plain in Luke. The blessings in Luke refer to external situations while those in Matthew refer more to spiritual or moral qualities.

Thus the reference to the book of Matthew (simply showing where the title comes from rather than a song title).
See, ya just never know where this magnetic tape path will lead us!

Thanks, Steve.  I now remember the Beatitudes -
like "Blessed are the Meek for they shall inherit the earth."
  "Blessed are analogue lovers, for they shall reach audio enlightenment"



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