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Author Topic: stereo miking vs. mono miking on analog mixes?  (Read 6463 times)

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stereo miking vs. mono miking on analog mixes?
« on: May 06, 2007, 12:30:28 PM »
Hopefully this question isn't too far afield....

Some older rock recordings, like the White Album, sound so much different then the current crop and I know there's a whole lot of digital reasons, as well as complete loss of dynamics usually given as the reason. 

My question is how much of the difference between modern vs. classic rock "sound" can be ascribed to working in a limited track environment and using mono vs. stereo miking of instruments like guitars and voices?  I've already figured out running bass straight into the board gives me much cleaner sounding bass rather then trying to do multiple mics.  I'm wondering if mono miking or channeling of a guitar or voice rather multiple tracks and miking of the same instrument would also lend a "cleaner" sounding mix?

Thanks for any answers/thoughts....
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