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Brilliant Corners is a gem!

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--- Quote ---JoeG wrote; "Brilliant Corners" is indeed brilliant!! Mine arrived about 1 hour ago, and it's spinning as I write this. Dead true to the LP, with so much more body and weight, especially in the drums. Another home run guys! Right away, I can tell this one is going to spend a lot of time mounted on the deck."
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as JoeG said on the 'ready to launch' thread; 'Brilliant Corners' is Brilliant.....and i agree with the rest of his comments too.

i'll add that in comparing TP-013 to the AP-45rpm Lp reissue (which i've always enjoyed) the tape is more vivid and immediate. i love the celeste that Monk plays on 'Pannonica' on the Lp; but the tape just adds that extra energy and vivid liveness. this is one of those moments where the line blurs between recording and reality.

i love that cut.

the horns and piano have more texture and more subtle action on the tape and those drums really rock as Joe mentions.

this recording does demand your attention; it's all over the place and there is just so much going on in so many interesting ways (i'm not so good at articulating my meaning here, sorry) that with every listen it seems you are going down a new path of understanding. yet; it is easy to listen casually too.....but why would you want to?

this tape further blows away my previous reservations about mono recordings. this sounds real. check out Desmond's bass toward the end of 'Bemsha Swing'....really realy good on the Lp, magnificent on the tape.

i've listened to this two times all the way thru tonight already.....now it's 'turn down the lights' time......a wee bit of single malt Lagavulin.....and away we go again.

as Joe says, another home run!

Well said Mike! I have listened to the tape 3 times through in the last couple of days. The Celeste positively sparkles on the tape, as good as it comes across on the LP (I only have and original pressing 33, have not heard the 45 rpm version), there is an other earthly shimmer going on on the tape. a real lights-down-low, bottle-of-bordeaux kind of experience.

I have to agree with Mike and Joe. This one exceeds all my expectations on how good this recording could sound!
I've only listened to it twice so far but the depth and impact off all the instruments really make you feel like you're there.

Monk's piano style always makes me feel like he's used to playing a less than ideal instrument. The way he grabs each note by the scruff of the neck and tosses it into the mix doesn't really fit into the category of touch. But, for the first time I can really hear some nuance to his attack of the keys. He must've been a nightmare to mic!
And the sound of the unison sax/trumpet have such life and force to it. Now I really wanta hear a jazz orchestra on a Tape Project tape!
And Max Roach,.. I've seen him live several times and I've never heard his characteristic drum sound portrayed as accurately.
I could go on and on, tune by tune, but I think you get the idea.

A huge thank-you has to be given to Paul for doing such a fantastic job on this one. This will have to be the definitive Monk release ever!

BTW, my Analog Productions cover looks washed out and almost sun bleached compared to this artwork. Thanks Joe and thanks Dan for keeping the bar high as aways.

You folks are whetting my appetite for the album. It was sitting on my front door on Monday evening, just as we were leaving for a month!  So I'll have to wait to actually hear it.  Larry

Gee Larry,
I guess you'll just have to tough it out while you take a month long trip to China!
That's a place I've always wanted to visit.
I'm sure it's not all fun and games since it is a family visit but enjoy the trip!


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