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New 4 track tape heads?

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Does Flux Magnetics produce a 1/4" 4 track head which could be installed at the same time as their 2 track head?

If yes, could it optimized for 7.5 ips playback speed, while keeping their 2 track head optimized for 15 ips?

TIA, David

I've already inquired about this exact thing. I was told that the extended response heads are optimized for 15ips. I emailed John French over at JFR Magnetics to find out the best sounding 1/4" 1/4 track head that can be fitted to my RS1500 optimized for 7 1/2ips playback. I asked for it to match with the 47K ohm input of Doc's repo amp. It's been a week or 2 since I sent that email so I'll check with them again and post their response on this thread. I know that JFR sells Flux Mag. heads so it may be posable to have both installed by JFR.

High and Outside:
Yes, Flux Magnetics makes quarter track heads. I have had them make me a couple for my ATR-100's, and we discussed providing new heads for the Technics 1500's as well. You'll be able to get them from us if we're doing work on a machine, or from any other dealer including JRF Magnetic Science. I wouldn't worry about what speed they are optimized for...the head will definitely not be the limiting factor at 7.5 ips. If you have a collection of 7.5 ips quarter track tapes this would be the way to get the best playback of them you've ever heard.

Great, thanks Paul. That's what I was hoping for. Sometimes when I deal with distributors, I'm not sure that they realize the extremes that I'm will to go to to eek out that last bit of performance. They're probably "sane" or something. I come from a phono based mind set. I've spent a lot for me on cartridges (never over $2K) and heads have the same duty as far as I'm concerned. So the price for the best ( in 1/4" terms at least ) heads seem like chump change to me. I'm very glad that you guys are paying attention to the tape handling too. I'm thinking that's like a tonearm.
BTW, I don't know if you saw my post on the Suggestions forum regarding the Bill Evans Quintessence album. I think you'd probably like it. I'm not sure if you Well Tempered ( I think that's what you had ) will play 45rpm but the sound is fantastic!

High and Outside:
Yo Steve,
Yes, I saw your suggestion of Quintessence. I'm going  to be checking it out right away. Evans, Harold Land (whom I loved with Clifford Brown), Kenny Burrell (one of my all time favorites), Ray Brown and Philly Jo Jones--what's not to like? No problem playing 45 RPM around here. The Well Tempered at the studio--that's what I use to QC the 45's I cut for MoFi. The Empire and Thorens at home play 45 too.

BTW, the couple of weeks I got to work on a Bill Evans session may still be the high point of my career. You know those two albums he did with Tony Bennett? I was assistant engineer on the recording dates for the second album--someone else assisted for the mix--backing up Don Cody, with Helen Keane producing. Then I did the LP mastering. It would be hard to overstate the level of artistry that man brought to the sessions.


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