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1st impressions of TP-015


this is a tasty jazz session however you look at it. i'm no Jazz historian, but it seems that this is Coltrane at his most accessable, and Kenny Burrell is a perfect compliment to him. simply beautiful flowing melody with great energy and yet relaxing and smooth. Burrell's guitar is pitch perfect with a a big beautiful tone throughout.

"Why Was I Born", a brief duet at the start on reel 2, is just magnificent. maybe perfect music. ahhhhhhhhh.....like a perfect sip of scotch......only it's over too soon....you want it to go on and on.

this is one of those recordings that just flows and is over before you know it.

i have the redbook XRCD and the AP 45 rpm reissue  2 disc pressing; both of which i enjoy and have listened to quite a bit. this recording has such a big fat sound that it would likely sound pretty damn good on an i-pod. the XRCD is very nice, the 45 rpm is very, very good. i listened to that first tonight and thought, maybe it will be as good as the tape. the tape is quite a bit better. more vivid, much more microdynamic, it makes the Lp sound slightly veiled. listen to the Paul Chambers solo on 'Freight Trane'......compared to the tape Chambers bass sounds muffled on the 45. it's missing the growl that jumps off the tape.

great music, great recording, wonderful job on the tape guys, thanks.

Ahh. The perfect way to start a weekend,.. a nice thick steak and Kenny and Johnny talkin' to each other in that "Jazz" lingo!
It is a bummer about the glitches in the master but that's life in the big city. (thanks for the warning Doc,.. I would've been pulling my whole system apart looking for an iffy contact or something!)
I've always loved this album and I don't think that Burrell or Coltrane have ever sounded better. Just creamy tones all around. And the way their playing blends when playing in unison (this is hard bop right?. It's just heaven!

I don't think I've ever heard such great details of the way Coltrane enters a phrase or drives a rhythm as this tape. I'd say that it would be worth spending some time studying his playing but I know that a few bars in, that would go right out the window.
This music is infectious and really carries me away.

I'm with Mike,.. I want more!
More of these jewels from the Fantasy vaults please!(it should be Miles' time by now!)

I echo the previous comments. One question - why so much blank tape?


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