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Studer A810 head rewire

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Here are the pics I promised of the finished playback head output modification we performed on a Studer A810. The small black pushbutton in the hole in the headblock cover allows switching the playback head from its normal connection to the internal playback electronics to a pair of XLR outputs that have been added to a blank plate on the top rear next to the existing XLR jacks. The only caveat with this setup is that you don't want to throw the switch with the machine turned on, as connecting it to the "hot" internal preamp will magnetize the head. So the procedure for switching is: power down the Studer and the external preamp, wait 60 seconds and then push the button.

It's quiet, there is plenty of output for a Tube Repro, frequency response is quite flat, all in all it's a nice combo.

Here is a detail of the headblock switch:

And here are the added jacks:

Ki Choi:
Hi Doc:

Very nice work.  Is there a reason why you used the XLR connectors for direct head output than female RCAs?

Did you use twisted pair wires with additional shield (like the factory head wires with spring shield) or single shielded coax cable for each channel with shield carrying the common signal (like the Nagra factory head wiring)?

Hope you will still have the deck at your place when I can come visit for a listen!


High and Outside:
Very clean looking. But it seems a lot of trouble for a switch that will be used precisely one time.


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