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Author Topic: Junior Brown but which one?  (Read 2105 times)

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Junior Brown but which one?
« on: April 28, 2010, 10:16:01 PM »
I suspect that most if not all of Junior Brown's work has been recorded digitally which is an automatic disqualification.
However in seeing his show live in Annapolis Md tonight, you couldn't help but be amazed by his guitar virtuosity, breath of genres and stage presence.
Holy smokes indeed.  Junior places his guitar in a slightly(ever so) modified music stand at a height which makes him crouch a bit to play the "slide guitar", and in a more upright position to play the electric lead.  His fingers fly all the time all over the place.  Hand jive was never like this.
His guitar feeds into a suitcase sized amp to which is plastered two hall microphones which feed back to the sound/mixing board.  Minimalism on steroids?  Dressed in a dark pin stripe suit with white cowboy hat he looks like the mad hatter let loose in the Grand Ol Opry or Austin City Limits.
If you have never seen his guitar, look it up.  It is not your stock issue axe by any stretch.  To watch him play this thing is exhausting.
The sounds he gets are at once manic (but distinct and controlled) and then suddenly sublime and delicate. Dick Dale meets the pedal to the metal steel.
Go see this man if he is ever in your general vicinity.

I mention Junior, because I believe he is not under contract to any record label.  His last label Telarc is in a state of who knows what, and more telling, Junior is not selling product at the shows.
What an intriguing idea to do an original recording of Junior for the Tape Project.
If you had recorded tonight's show, I bet you could have sold plenty of copies, this guy is that good.  The show was that good.
Just him, an electric bass and a snare drummer, oh yes and his wife who is not too shabby a singer, and guitar player either.
I know this is probably pie in the sky, but if TP makes the master we wouldn't have to be concerned with; sorry that's another thread.
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