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Charter Subscriber serial numbers have been assigned

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Charter Subscribers will be receiving certificates that contain the serial number that will be assigned to all their tapes from this year's releases. Numbers have been assigned in chronological order of the receipt of the subscription. The certificates will be mailing out today.

Thanks for your support! While we await our custom reels our next step is to produce alignment tapes. Reels and boxes are on order for the tone tapes and we should be running those while I am in the Bay Area the first week of July. The custom reels for albums should be showing up pretty soon after that, at which point we will begin cranking out albums. Yeehaw!

Looks very nice! I can't wait to get one of your tapes in my hot little hands!

VERY nice. Just got mine today... #21. Cool!

How can I know where mine was shipped to? Should I call the Queen?

Hi Xavier,

Eileen sent it to the Miami address.


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