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First Impressions; TP-016 Stage Fright--excellent job!

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i was a fan of 'The Band' back in the day and still am, but i was never that familiar with this album or had listened to it that much. i had a couple of pressings, a recent Capitol reissue and a very clean original pressing with 'RL' (Robert Ludwig) in the deadwax. listening to both recently, the Original is not surprisingly much better.....more clarity, better smoother top end, and more body and decay. before i listened to the tape today i again listened to the original pressing.

On the surface this album is an enjoyable listen, if a bit dark and brooding compared to most Rock.....or even the Band's earlier Lps. But after listening to it a few times recently i have come to really enjoy it and get into it. it is quite well recorded and muscianship is top notch. each cut has it's own vibe. it's not cookie-cutter rock'n roll.....more cerebral in a way....but more rewarding after savoring too.

the original pressing (on the Rockport with Lyra Olympos) is good; but in this case the tape is many levels better. in fact; it's really a whole different experience on tape. the Tape has maybe double the soundstage size, as well as dramatically more clearly rendering each instrument. dynamics and clarity are similarly better. i recall hearing a cut of this at RMAF and for whatever reason i did not have nearly this good an impression then.

this will be a demo tape for me for sure and will be played often. great job guys!

added note; the guys added 2 bonus cuts, a Glyn Johns mix of 'Time to Kill' and a Todd Rundgren mix of 'The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show' to the 2nd reel. they both sound good but i did not go back and do any comparison with the original tracks. it was just nice to get 'more stuff' and i appreciate it.

You've got me salivating Mike!
Come Monday, I'll be sitting out on the curb waiting for the UPS truck.

Steve, my UPS notice says June 1 - I think they are not working on Monday. So better have Gone with the Wind or War and Peace with you on the curb.  :-) I'm waiting to hear who the Band are.  Do they sing? I think they played with Bob Dylan and/or Paul McCartney. Should be good fun.   Larry

I just got my copy today and just finished the A tape. This is not music that I am accustomed to, but it was quite a bit of fun, particularly the slower pieces. I'm not familiar with the group, so it was all new to me. The sonics are typical TP - very fine, some great dynamics,  but I don't have a comparison record of this.  I'll play side B tomorrow.  Larry


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