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first impressions of TP-017, 'Rock With Me Baby'

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It sounds like you like it Mike!
You've really got me dying to hear this wonder. Thank god I've got a jazz festival to take my mind off it this weekend. But the tape is scheduled to get here on Tuesday so what do I do on Monday?
Great mini review,.. thanks Mike.

Looks like you're right Mike. Could have sworn there was a D2D but searched my shelves and online and couldn't find the recording.

Oh well, I don't know what recording what I was thinking about.

I've got Reel B on right now - like Larry, I had never heard of Little Hatch before - but this is one helluva tape, both musically - great blues - and sonically. I don't know if this was considered by the gang as being a risky release, but sometimes risk taking brings great rewards, (a $500 tape of a relatively unknown artist? sounds risky to me)and I think this is one of those times. The music takes you back to Mississippi circa 1940, but in great sound.

Woo Hoo!
You guys weren't kidding! This one simply sounds real!
I've heard the lp a few times at the local vinyl haven and it sounded great there too. But with the tape, the music kinda hops right off the tape!
IMHO this is exactly what we needed in the catalog. A voice, sparse instrumentation and a room. By the end of tape 1, you should know where the door is.
And like the other guys said, the music is a real time machine.
I couldn't be happier with this release!
thanks guys

I got my Quantum View today so I'm still a couple of weeks away. The 28 is my birthday, with some luck it will be here before I'm 40.


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