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Author Topic: Schematics / Manual - Lyrec TR 55 MM - 1/2" 2-track tape machine?  (Read 2738 times)

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I have this Lyrec TR 55 MM - 1/2" 2-track tape machine and it rocks!

I just need the manual or schematics for it.
If anybody can give me a copy I will pay 100 us dollars for it.

It uses the Dolby HX PRO system. The two Dolby cards are named "AM77 FO, 77 03"
The schematics for these Dolby modules are also very interesting, so if you can find them or have them, I will pay you 100 us dollars for a copy.

I have an small manual for tape duplication desk but it?s not it:

Please send me an email if you have the manual or think you can find one!

[email protected]

This would mean so much!

Nisse B / Sweden