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Hello everyone,

I've been reading this forum for awhile just getting a grasp on the resurgence of analog playback in the Hi-Fi world.

Little about myself:
I own one of the largest collection of 3M parts and pieces in the world. I'm based out of Nashville, TN.
My experience started with being mentored by Randy Blevins and Steve Sadler, whom I still work closely with.
The 3M machines were always a fascination of mine, though I do really enjoy MCI machines.
I find a lot of tape machines also. The 1500 technics you all love, MCI's, 3M's, Ampex ect.
Please visit www.allen-sound.com for more of what I do and who I work with.

I deal a lot with John French, as I feel all tape recorders sold need to have head reports. John French is an incredible resource and one of the best people in the entire recording industry.

If you ever want to talk about different machines, I would love to talk and help you find a nice working tape machine that can serve your purposes.


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