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Yikes! Collectors are nuts! I hate the way they don't show the bidders now. I know a couple of guys that would have been going for it on that one. It bums me out when I can't give 'em grief when they under bid by hundreds!

The bummer for me is that I'm trying to get some original LP covers for scanning, for the artwork for Waltz For Debby and Saxophone Colossus. There's lots of reissues out there of course, but then I would be scanning a cover that's a scan of an original cover. I asked over on the Vinyl Asylum for some help but no one responded. Anybody here got original LPs that they would be willing to loan me the covers of? I would happily overnight them back and insure them.

I'll check with my pals this weekend. I'd think that Fantasy would have that kind of stuff on disk. Or maybe contact Chad Kassem over at Acoustic Sounds. He "seems" like a pretty nice guy ( at least when I'm buying stuff from him).

I?m awestruck having held the original Waltz for Debbie session tapes in my hands. Listening to it I just could not believe how close Scott LaFaro was to the front of the stage and that couple with the clinking glasses were sitting at the end of the Camilla Room console. Paul Motian on the right, whispering with a drum kit - cool yet hot. I?ve always had this recording on my desert island list, now that I?ve actually heard it?spine tingling, breathe taking, stunning stuff. 
Found myself silently promising to do everything I could to get my system to the point where I could share this musical experience with my friends.
Doc, Romo and Paul where sitting there listening also, smiling to a man. I finally understood why these guys are working this hard and risking so much; they love the music and really enjoy sharing it with people who like music. Lucky us.

Regards to you all, Chuck


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