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Author Topic: Nagra TA / tape is scrapping on reels - how to adjust the reel tables ?  (Read 3095 times)

Offline Yoko

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I need to adjust the high of the reel tables of a Nagra TA deck, because the recording tape is scrapping on plastic 7" 10" inch reels. It is damaging the dame on the edges, especially if it is thin tape or long play.

I would be very happy if someone knows how to do this.
Thank you,
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Offline Ki Choi

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Hi Yoko:

Unfortunately, the Nagra T Audio has "reel holder" mechanism under the cover that makes difficult to adjust the reel spindle height for one set and leave the inner holders alone.

I would suggest you use rubber shims like that are widely used for Otari machines to lift the reel up from the CINE or NAB adapters for your T Audio.

If you need further info on the rubber shims, please let me know.

Ki Choi