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Author Topic: NEWBIE - otari or revox? Sound slow-down project.....  (Read 1286 times)

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NEWBIE - otari or revox? Sound slow-down project.....
« on: July 27, 2012, 06:57:49 PM »
I am fairly new to reel to reel.  My grandfather had an old Philips which I have opened up a few times, and played lots of tapes on, but that is it.  I have some experience with electronics, and lots with mechanics, cameras, and I am a jeweller (quite fernickety with hand skills....)
What I would like to know is some advice - I am recording sounds for an art project, doing my doctorate in audio-visual art, and am wanting to slow down sounds by a factor of 40 - 100 times.  I wanted to use an open reel deck in combination with high sampling rate digital recording (downsampled and thus slowed).  Accuracy is the aim of the game on the RTR side, and I wanted to know if an Otari deck I have spied on eBay is worth considering over a Revox B77 Mk11 I have (this needs lots of work and is kind of buggered, though perhaps I am up for it). I was attracted to the Revox due to the possibility of an external pitch control, but this is not necessity.  IS the Otari more capable of a clean precise sound?  I need something really clean, as I plan to transfer across perhaps three times - recording analog, slowing down to record into digital, slowing the sample to record back into the RTR....
Yes, it sounds cray, but this is not audiophile stuff (I have valves and some Vienna Research speakers, so know a little of that world) - I just need reliable accuracy, more like a scientific tool....
Any suggestions as to reliable decks, precise sound, clean outputs and inputs, and any decks that have wider speed ranges (along with said precision and cleanliness), I would be greatly appreciative....
In thanks!