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TP-001. Has anyone received it yet?

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--- Quote ---The comments at the end of the cuts are wonderful. I don't know if they're on the cd but I'm a real sucker for this kind of thing.
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We thought that was a neat thing to leave in on a couple of songs, to give a little of the flavor of the session. Those aren't on the CD.

And it could be ever so slightly better sonic quality than the demo reel. I believe that demo reel is original AGFA 468 that we acquired before we could get the new tape. We like the new RMGI SM468 just a wee bit better.

Just played TP-001 tonight. Wonderful sound. One question. My 001A reel starts with Blue Moon and my 001B reel starts with Drive On and then Foggy Day. The order on the sheet with the tapes is completely different. Are all the tapes like mine?  Thanks, Larry

We realized a few weeks ago that the song order is screwed up on the cover art. I will be reprinting it in the next few weeks and sending out a correct sheet to all subscribers. Jacqui will be smacking us with an appropriately sized wet noodle as our penance.

That's pretty funny guys! All of us have at one point or another had to do the same double take to find the song titles as we listened to 001 and it took till now for one of us to mention it. Honestly, I hadn't thought about that since the day I got the tape. When I demoed it at the last Headfi event, I even left the artwork out so the listeners could see the song titles! Some might say that it's because we get so caught up in the sound that practical issues become irrelevant. I'd put it a different way. It's more of a matter of, as audiophiles, we've been conditioned from years of disappointment from products falling well short of the claims, that when one really does come through, we overlook everything else.
I play tape 2 all the time. I really don't think that recorded sound can get more intimate than "Angel of Mine". Every instrument just flat out sounds real! Not the audiophile "realer". Spot on real! When I demo these things I force myself not to say anything that'll influence opinions. But it's tough not to point out things. I guess I'm always the most satisfied when the listener goes from end to end just lost in the music. This happens a lot with this tape.


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