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Just got home from a private gathering of my headphone buddies.
One of the tapes that I took to demo was the B tape of the CCR.
Well, I had a hell of a time getting to play something other than that tape and some folks must've listened to it 5 or 6 times over the 4 days.

Over and over, they said that the ambiance that was clearly audible on the tape was all but missing on the lp or digital versions they were used to listening to.
There is also a deep groove to this tape that makes it impossible not to wag your head and tape your feet to the rhythm. You really have to concentrate to listen critically.

Many times I'd hear folks humming or singing those songs to themselves hours after they'd listened.
I often say that it's a recordings responsibility to honor the music and I can't imagine a better example of that.
Great stuff guys!

This is great news!  Has anyone else ever salivated over a recording they don't have yet?


Just played it for the first time in my little "studio" space on MTR-15 and was stunned!  Finally, the kind of material on tape I've been dreaming of!!!!! I'm hoping we can get more material like it...anyone for some Blue Cheer of Sir Douglas Quintet (or  Jimi Hendrix's "Electric LadyLand"???  The later would make me feel like I'd died and gone to heaven....)?

Can't wait to play it back later thru my Cornwalls' and RF-7's - :)

Just completed a comparison between this TP issue and my 3 3/4 ips Fantasy release. Anyone want to guess which one is going up on eBay?

I finally had a chance to listen to this Saturday night. It is a long story, but due to a move my system was down for a LONG time. I'm up again!  I had just finished listening to Fogerty's latest LP - "Wrote a Song for Everyone" - which I can recommend for the music, but not so much for the recording, which is affected by digititus. (You know, that afflication that results from over-exposure to PCM).  I needed more John Fogerty, and finally rolled this tape. My, what an achievement! I've known this album for a long time, and there were layers I have never heard before - I have newfound regard for Tom Fogerty's rhythm guitar, for example. Afterwards, I played the very fine SACD of Cosmo's Factory - while very good it lacked the extra depth and presence found in this tape. My tape front end is a stock Technics RS1520, which is switchable to the IEC curve, and I can only imagine what this sounds like with a better front end. 


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