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I'm finishing up a print run of the cover art and spine labels for TP-002 and the guys are planning to keep the old engraver running over the weekend. Looks like the first Dave Alvin albums may be going out Monday or Tuesday.

Michael was engraving away like a madman yesterday and he and Rob are working on the final packaging today. I have a few more bits of artwork headed down overnight, and the TP-002s ought to be finished up and going out to subscribers tomorrow.

For members that are on the fence about ordering the Dave Alvin "Blackjack David" tape, it was , by far, the most requested 2 cuts on the demo tape. It's one of those albums that's easy to like and is literally bristling with the kind of hooks that morph into brainworms at the drop of the hat. If you haven't already, buy the download over on iTombs and give it a whirl. It's great for girls and boys of all ages.

We got behind by a day, but TP-002 is shipping to most everyone as I type this. All charter and most selective subscriber tapes are going out in this batch. A couple of the more recent selective subscriber tapes will ship early next week, as I miscounted and we ran a bit short on cover art.

...and me without a deck that's worth a damn. My 1506 finally packed it in after four long years... my 807 is in storage since the room was demo'ed to make way for an addition (and a much MUCH nicer room :D) and I have two A820s STILL out on the East Coast due to be finished sometime this decade I hope. On the water are a ton of Japanese decks that'll be here in a few weeks. In the meantime? NADA! At least I got to listen to TP-001 first. *sigh*


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