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shipping box for Technics decks
« on: December 11, 2007, 02:53:58 PM »
I had wooden shipping crates with cardboard honeycomb interiors made last year. I did two sizes, one for machines in racks and one for stand alone machines. The larger crates for rack mounted machines were a disaster, and thus I was never inspired to try the smaller ones I had made (they are for sale, cheap!). The smaller crates were rather expensive, about $150, and were designed to have a layer of foam lining - which I never got around to buying or installing. They seem to be too much for the average UPS guy to wrestle with. But they might be useful to someone who needs a really solid crate for lugging a machine to recording gigs or for shipping by common carrier to shows, etc.

Recently my bud Jeff Jacobs came up with a heavy duty double wall cardboard box with several layers of  a dense textured foam that seems to work a lot better for shipping Technics machines by UPS/FEDEX, etc. He has used one of these boxes to ship RS1500s a dozen times without incident. And he is willing to make these available to us. I have put up a web page describing how to use these shipping boxes, which we now supply for shipping the Technics RS1500/1506/1520/1700 machines. The boxes are available for a refundable $75 deposit. You send us the deposit plus shipping for 12 lbs. to your zip code. We ship you the box and you can pack your machine it for shipping to us for service. We will ship the machine back to you in the box, and if you decide to return the box and packing materials to us rather than keeping it, we will refund the $75.
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