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Back in the 70's my friends always had a stack of "in heavy rotation" records propped up against a speaker/stereo cabinet etc..
There was always a copy of Electric Ladyland, the Beatles White Album, Volunteers (jefferon airplane), Hot Tuna and Hooker 'n' Heat in that pile.
I'll admit that those first 5 still grace my turntable once every couple of years but until I put this tape on my Technics, it had been freakin forever since I'd even heard so much as a single cut!

Wow! It was like I'd never heard it before.
This is one of those "you are there" recordings and I seriously doubt that I'd ever heard it on a decent system till now or I woulda remembered.
If you're looking for one of those sterile audiophile recordings where everything is "just so", look elsewhere.
But if you revel in the sounds and feel of some folks who've got talent oozing out of every pore doing the highest level of artistic communication before your very ears, you can't do much better than this.
I can't speak for listeners who've never been personally involved with musical creation, but for those who have, this is very exciting stuff!
Thanks guys, this ones killer!

To me not even a Quantum view :(

Thanks for the report Steve!

It's Christmas season and I was just visited by the Ghost of John Lee and let's not forget the great great Alan Wilson. As a person who has owned this album since release along with every audiophile reissue, this one is IT.  Should have been a four tape set. 

Got mine!

Too bad I have a lot of work this week and hopefully will be out of circulation the next so won't taste it before 2015.

So Xcortes did you ever play the tape?
If so.....?


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