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Author Topic: Tape Project Christmas Album ?  (Read 5517 times)

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Tape Project Christmas Album ?
« on: January 09, 2015, 06:58:18 PM »
I hope everyone had a good holiday season and thanks for the New Years surprise beautiful new website look!

Was listening to a variety of music again throughout the season on (mostly) vinyl and pondered whether Tape Project had ever considered releasing either a Christmas album or a licensed Christmas / holiday compilation of various classic tracks.
In fact so little new music has come along of any note in the past couple of decades, that I doubt if there would be any trouble finding analog masters, unless they have all been trashed.

For a complete album, a couple of thoughts come to mind, one being either of the first two Fresh Aire / Mannheim Steamroller albums which are creatively produced and well recorded, if a bit kitsch, Christmas confections. Don't know how "open" their catalog is to you. Back in earlier audiophile days their Fresh Aire III was all the rage. Their "magic" is using pretty much every style of instrumental combo available in nice sounding ways, from whatever synth technology was current at the time to Baroque style instrumentation, to full symphonic presence, back to solo guitar or toy piano.

Another candidate from a closely associated label might be "Star of Wonder" from Reference Recordings.
Goes without saying that that option is a wonderful recording technically and musically.
...Argh! Alas, I just looked at my CD copy and it is not quite old enough to be from Keith's magical analog source recorder.
Says Nakamichi DMP-100 Digital Encoder whatever that was. Now I will have to look it up. Perhaps a back-up analog master exists? :-)
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