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Availability and recos for half inch tape?

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I'm doing research on doing an all analog recording of solo cello, and while I could do it on my Otari 5050 with two mics, I'm tempted to go to a four track machine and collect two channels of close/direct sound and two channels of room sound to give me flexibility in post.

This raises the question, "As tape in general gets scarce, does on have to be nuts to go ½ inch?"

(Searching on ½ is disallowed, so I searched on one half and saw next to nothing. Apologies if this has been addressed and I've failed to find it.)

IMHO, unless you're experienced with recording, do your experiments and practice with the cheapest media you can.
I think you'll find that the room and microphone placement are far more critical than the gear you use to make the recording with.
If you're just beginning, I'd do my practicing recording digitally. That way you there's no real money being wasted on tape and you won't get bogged down with any machine issues.
If you already have your recording chops, why not try using a mixer before investing in another machine?

High and Outside:
Notwithstanding what Steve said...

If you get to the point that you need half inch tape, don't worry, it's readily available.

I've been looking for 1/2" SM900...for awhile.
Hope to replenish my stock :-)

Hey Sam,

If you're looking for RMGI SM900, read

I suggest you try ATR Magnetics 1/2".


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