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TP-026 getting ready to ship!

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We are putting the finishing touches on the first run of TP-026, Oliver Nelson's Afro/American Sketches. Along with its talented composer/musician this album has a bunch of other great things going for it. It's a jazz orchestra, and the complexity and texture of orchestral music is something that tape excels in delivering. And it was recorded by a giant, Rudy Van Gelder. The sonics of the brass and percussion on this album are quite mesmerizing. Charter subscribers should see their copies soon and we will have TP-026 for sale in our online store right after that.

I'll shine up the system this weekend (totally behind on my audiophile chores).

Mine arrived yesterday!  Larry

Mine too!
I should have time to really sit down and do some serious listening in the next few days.

Mine three! ;-)


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