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 hello, My name is Gene.

I've been a long time audio nut, I prefer tubes and turntables, and just got a great deck, a RS 1500. 

I know it's not a pro deck, but it's close enough for me.

Back a long time ago, I took a 2 year audio engineering course, and I remember the Neve 16 track desk, and two MCI tape decks, a 16 track and a 2 track deck.

Coming from a technician background, I am impressed with the capstan motor of the technics, and how well it maintains speed. Oh, and that flywheel is massive!

I hope to learn things here, and the first question I have is about someone having a handle on the custom IC's used on the capstan motor board. Are they still available, if so, how much? might not be a bad thing to have some replacements in stock, just in case.

I am not aware of those chips being prone to failure. Jeff Jacobs at j-corder is a good resource for RS1500 info.

Thank you.

I am not worried (right now) about those chips, I just thought for the future.

Hi Gene,

Welcome to the forum!
I think I have spares of those IC's I found from an online parts dealer in China.
I can't really recall the situation, but I fixed a machine by replacing one of those a long time ago.
As a result, I tracked some down and stockpiled a few.
Any member here that needs one just needs to ask.


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