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Author Topic: Is anybody listening to their tapes?!  (Read 2107 times)

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Is anybody listening to their tapes?!
« on: May 30, 2015, 05:29:18 PM »
Other than myself who has a legitimate reason why I did not open my Series 1 and 2 Tapes until two weeks ago, are all the other TP subscribers as lame as me, or are you using these things as paper weights or door stops or status symbols?

Impressing your friends with how nice the TP tapes look in your display case?  Doctors and Lawyers offices were filled with unplayed and unread Franklin Mint records and leather bound books to prove how sophisticated they were.

One hi end audio dealer once told me with an obvious note of disbelief; "You really do listen to music".  I suppose his other customers bought stuff for show or to give the maid something else to dust carefully.

So many of the tape title posted subjects are about Ooh I just got my notice or Ooh I got mine too!  Ooh there is a TP box at my door!

Hardly any title has more than a errant reaction to listening to the tape itself.

I would hope after spending anywhere from $300 to $475 dollars on a tape you could post a reaction more enthusiastic than a yawn or MIA.

For those on the fence or unfamiliar with the music it would be helpful to hear your reaction to listening to the music on tape rather than another medium.  You don't have to be a professional audio writer to construct a simple sentence which expresses your visceral response to your listening experience.

For he who is without sin to cast the first stone is pretty nervy and you won't see my posted review of any tape yet because I have yet to get fully functional deck wise, but once I start rolling I will be sure to spill my thoughts.

When the TP first started this was pretty heady stuff.  The Forum was electric with participation both pro and con.

Not so much anymore.

Is it all now just so yesterday? 

If you don't care to share your joy of listening to your tapes with fellow TPers, it undermines the vitality of this Forum and brings into question its' very existence.

You don't need a forum to announce new titles.

What has happened to this Forum?

Anybody have any thoughts on how to put a little fun and frolic back in here?

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