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We will have copies of this album in stock online just as soon as we complete shipments to all of our series three subscribers. That should happen in the next week or two. If anyone is counting, yes, we have indeed released four new albums in the past 12 months.

So we're now only two titles short of completing Series Three? And the titles of those two remain a secret right?

Time to start saving for Series Four?

Yes, the titles are a secret. We plan to stay with our stepped up schedule and release the next one in quarter one 2016. We will release one more series title after that. That will be number TP030 in quarter two, which will fulfill Series Three subscription for those awesome folks who supported us through the early years of the reel to reel tape comeback. After that album ships to Series Three subscribers the series model will be retired and we will do our best to keep all titles with an active license in stock. If all goes as planned we will continue to release a new title every quarter, and they will be available from the online store upon that release.

Will they be serial numbered?

I would love to maintain my #29 on all tapes. Needless to say I will buy all future releases subscription or not.

We will certainly reserve the serial number of any charter subscriber who kept up their subscription through all three series and continues to acquire the new albums as they come out.


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