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bypassing preamp on otari mx 5050


Hi.  I'm new to this forum.  I'm looking all over for some guides on bypassing the otari mx 5050 internal (stock) preamp.  I've done various searches on this forum, but I don't see any specific guides.  IF there is one, could we put it as a "sticky" in this section of the forum.  This section would be the obvious first place to go for this type of information, I think.

posted by Tom Frei, a newbie who just bought a Otari mx 5050.

Shawn Phelps did the original MX-5050 mod at Bottlehead. I'll ask him if maybe he can take a pic or two of his deck showing which cables you need to move.

Thank you.  That is probably the same Shawn Phelps who is building my new eros tape head (once he gets the kit).  I think I'm also going to look for a manual.  Am I right that there are two manuals: a user manual and a service manual?

Hey tom,
Welcome to the forum.
There are a number of manuals and schematic packs for the Otari.
You should be able to download them all (including some you don't need) from a link located in our "Links" sticky.
That sticky is located above the General forum.
The post that contains the links in #19.
Be sure and save those manuals. They were missing in action and a member here was kind enough to bring them together and make them available.


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