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Live recording La Boheme 2/16/74

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I found a live recording of la Boheme r2r. It has a sticker on it that says NABET has a LCL number and the initials of the recording engineer. Sticker on back says nbc recording services. any info would be helpful.

NABET would more likely be NAB EQ.

Could this be a recording from the live show?

I am having trouble posting pics.  Says that the file is too big

I googled Live Performance, La Boheme February 16, 1974 and came up with a live performance with Caballe and Corelli at the Met (Metropolitan Opera in NYC). Available as a 2 CD album on Amazon.  It could well have been recorded by NBC.  However, the version on Amazon appears to be a pirate.  Caballe and Corelli were two of the best singers of that time period (Freni and Pavarotti are maybe the best and in the Decca/London studio recording with Karajan conducting about the same time - I saw them live in 1967 at the SF Opera in Pavarotti's official American debut.) Anyway, if it has good sound, it should be a real treat.

What is the recording - hopefully 15ips 2 track?   Should be about 90 minutes long or a bit more if it is complete.



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