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Live recording La Boheme 2/16/74

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This one is 7".  I have others as well.  Different artists/recordings. Ranging from classical to live broadway plays to spoken word to live shows to the original variations of the Bing Bang Bong by Don Gillis (smaller reel)

Thanks.  Probably not a very good recording, since it is recorded at 3 3/4ips on a 7" reel.  If it is 1.5 mil tape, it probably 45-50 minutes on each side, so the whole opera is on one reel.  Possible if 1 mil that the entire opera is on one side. 

Good call on NABET, astrotoy!

High and Outside:
NABET organized the technicians and engineers at two of the major broadcast networks (back when there were three) NBC and ABC. For some reason CBS was organized by IBEW, the International Brotherhood of Electrical workers.

That's how I became a brother in good standing of the IBEW back when I worked at a studio that was part of CBS Records, which was part of CBS Inc at the time.

Of course CBS Records, which included Columbia and Epic, was sold to SONY some years later, and is now SONY/BMG.

Anyway, your NABET label only indicates that your tape was made by a union engineer.

Thanks for the history, Paul.


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