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BROADCAST SERVICES Interlochen center for the arts , interlochen Michigan 49643


Any thoughts on this reel to reel . 
Sticker says:
Broadcast services

File 39a
Pgm no. 113
Date: 4/18/69
Program:IAA Orchestra  Nicholas Harsanyi conductor
Full track
7 1/2
Operator: DB
Recorder: 3
Tape type : 175

Contents: Bach. C.P.E
Concerto in D major for orchestra
Allegro moderato
Andante lento molto

Trying to post pics but cant

Interlochen is an arts academy near Traverse City MI. They have lots of concerts every year. Some are by students, some by professionals. Seems like you likely have a recording of one of those concerts.

pic of reel

It would seem to be as Skylab stated. A recording of a student performance.
These were probably broadcast on a local radio station. It wasn't uncommon to have a weekly program devoted to a local music dept.. These kinds of broadcasts were almost never "live" and during that time frame, reel to reel would have been the way it was recorded.
As you might guess, these performances are hit or miss and the recordings depend entirely on the gear and knowledge of the operators.

All you can do is give it a listen. Sometimes with these kinds of school or radio tapes, what is on the label is totally different from what's on the tape.
You might get lucky though. It could be fantastic sounding!


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