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There's going to be a new tape available in June 2016.
From what I can tell, it is being produced by Pyral in France (parent company to Mulaan Industries who are currently manufacturing RMGI which is now called "Recording the Masters").
So, here's the linky to everything I know:

note the "spec's" link

Actually this tape is not related to Pyral. It's made by the company that used to make tape branded Zonal, but according to Splicit is being done entirely at their direction. From what Roger at Splicit has posted elsewhere it will be less expensive than the Pyral tape, and will be available in 1 mil and 1.5 mil versions.

I stand corrected. Thanks!

Lots of good Reel to Reel stuff in the pipeline!

Plus the new look to their site. All good.

I bought some supplies from Spliceit a while back and forgot about them.
They seemed to have stepped up their game and the Capture tape is a significant addition to the community.
Can't wait to give some of their tape a try.


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