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Chad Enters the R2R Business


Since Dan, Paul and Romo began TP 10 years ago, creating the high end R2R tape business, there has been many (about 20) new companies following the leader. One thing they had in common was they were small - usually one person operations, with a limited catalogue, mostly self recorded and produced. Most of them are excellent/superb, but limited in their repertoire.  Now, for the first time, we have a major player joining in.  Chad Kassem of Acoustic Sounds has announced his entrance into the 15ips 2 track 1/4" tape world, with 12 albums, including 2 which have just been released.

The albums copy the TP format, with superb packaging of 2 reel albums, copying the master tapes onto 1/2" 30ips running masters (instead of 1" that the TP does), and then onto 1/4" 15ips 2 track tapes.  Everything is done using Ampex ATR machines (TP also uses Amper ATR's) with Fllux magnetic heads. Price is the same as TP - $450 per 2 reel album. As a classical music fan, I am especially happy that 8 of the first 12 releases are classical, including 5 of the most famous RCA Living Stereo albums (mostly Reiner and the Chicago Symphony) and 2 of Dave Wilson's albums.  The first two albums released are Janis Ian's Breaking Silence and Ben Webster's Gentle Ben.  I received my copies on Saturday and they are spectacular - I feel much the same way I felt when I first listened to my TP tapes! 

Acoustic Sounds is offering a subscription where if you buy the entire set, the 12th tape is free.

Chad's access to a broad and deep catalogue of analog master tapes is a very exciting prospect.



Very cool Larry!
Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


For those interested, there a running tab on new tapes releases and recommended tapes here:


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