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Reorganization of the Tape Project

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High and Outside:
Now that Dan & Eileen are retiring, some of you are curious about the way the company will be moving forward.

Romo and I, with some help, will be keeping it all going, and expanding as we go. We will use the forum to post the details as they develop.

By mid-January all the parts of the operation that have been done in Bainbridge Island will be relocated to our facilities in the Bay Area, and we will be packaging and shipping from here. The duping is already done here.

A lot of our most popular titles already show as Out-Of-Stock on the website, but that is just temporary while we transition. They have been duplicated, and will be packaged and ready for shipping right away. The current release--Mozart Piano Concertos--is already arriving on our subscribers' doorsteps. It will be available for everyone to order very shortly after we complete the move. Then we get to work on to our next title.

We will post the new customer service phone number in this thread as soon as it is operational. For the time being, any questions that you don't get answered here on the forum can be emailed to paul at tapeproject dot com.

Paul, thanks for the update.  We'll look forward to the successful transition. The old timer subscribers can remember (if we still have that facility) when everything was done in the Bay Area. 

Larry (#45)

Thanks for the update Paul,

I already got the Mozart so am only down to the last of Series three. I guess it's time to start saving for new releases (series or individuals, depending on how the new TP evolves). Do please keep us posted.

HNY Paul and TP!

Success going forward.:-)

-Sam / 46

As others have said, continued success!
You guys have set a very high bar and it's great to see the newer companies strive to meet the challenge.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next!


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