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I am going to be moving my tapes from my office into what we call the "music room".  (We call it that because I keep my two guitars there, one Spanish and one steel string.  Sadly, I am a poor guitar player, but they look great).  I also keep my jazz and popular LPs there, using Mapleshade storage units.  Just curious what others use for tape storage.  The Mapleshade look good, but there are a few negatives.  In my office, where my classical LPs reside, I use Ikea Expedit, which unfortunately have been discontinued by Ikea.

Tom, Does the replacement to the Expedit, the Kallax work for you?   Larry

Larry, I have to admit that I haven't seen those in person - I am NOT a fan of actually going to an Ikea store.  A  friend of mine (he is one of the two people I know who owns more LPs than you) just bought 40 of them.  OK, for the record (no pun intended), his name is Dave Terrell, he lives in SoCal, and owns about 50K records - he managed to snag the entire collection of the SoCal college library system. The other you know, or he says he knows you - Brian at the Analog Room- he told me owns 47K. OTOH, I don't know that either of them own all of the Deccas and EMIs......


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