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NOS Ampex branded Quantegy


Just found this forum and looks like the place to ask. I have come across a box of 40 - 1/4" reels of NOS Ampex branded Quantegy 456. 7" reels 1200' shrink wrapped. There is no date sticker on the outside so not sure what year these might be? I can't find any conclusive info regarding the sticky shed syndrome associated with this era of tape. Any advice would be appreciated, I could really use this tape.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Dave,

Supposedly sometime after Quantegy bought the Ampex tape brand, the binder formulation for 456 was changed, and no longer prone to SSS. I have had a couple pancakes of Quantegy 456 that were perfect, no problems at all.  I'm not sure anyone knows though exactly what date the change occurred though. Quantegy 456 is a bit of a crapshoot I'm afraid, and of course Ampex branded 456 is either already bad or going bad.

High and Outside:
I would not use any era 456. I have had to do restoration work on 456 from every era, including right up to the end...including new tapes that started going bad within a couple of months of the manufacturing date. You might get lucky and have a good batch, but really, what's the point? There are good tapes available that don't carry this risk.


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