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My Akai X-201D


Lou Hiltz:
Good Day to All,

I am a total novice regarding tape recorder repair.  My main hobby for years has been vintage, pre-WWII radios.  I have three tape machines, all of which I will have questions about as time marches on; a Tandberg 74B, a Roberts 450, and today's item.  I can pretty much handle the mechanical stuff but the electronics are very different from what I am accustomed to.

When I turn on the "Play" switch on my Akai X-201D, not only does the "take-up" motor start in a counter-clockwise direction like it should, but the rewind motor starts in a clock-wise direction pulling the tape in two directions.  It just started doing this recently. This has been my main listening machine for quite awhile.

Any ideas about what I can look for?

Thanks so much.

Lou Hiltz
Retired and Loving It


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