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Otari 5050 BII With Flux Magnetic Head


Ok just curious because I can't remember which tape pre sounds better with this setup? Does anyone know the deHavilland vs the Tube Repro? I notice that the induction is quite different between the stock heads and the flux head, wondering what effect this would have on either tape pre?

High and Outside:
I have a lot of information on the MX5050BII but I can't find the inductance specs of the heads. Where did you find that?

RE: the two repro's, I don't have a basis for comparison. I am very familiar with the Bottlehead unit, which I have been using for years. I have only heard the deHavilland at shows, though I liked what I heard.

Hi Paul,
It's been a while how are you? I am good, just trying to find out some facts. I got the induction numbers from John French, it comes on the paperwork he provides with the heads. I already have both tape pre's and I am sure a listen will determine the one that match's best. At the same time I wanted to know what these numbers mean in terms of sound quality.

The deHavilland preamp is based on Ampex designs and has that family sound. That may mean that it has been designed with the older high inductance heads in mind, but I don't know. At least in terms of how they work with a Tube Repro, the stock Otari head and and the Flux head both work just fine, of course with the Flux head sounding more extended and flat at the frequency extremes.


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