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End of the subscription model, end of the Series model


High and Outside:
Now that we have shipped TP-030, Doc Watson, to all charter subscribers, the Series model and the Subscription model are no more.

What does this mean going forward? For most of us, it means absolutely nothing. For the last several years most customers have been purchasing without any reference to the Series, and that will continue to be the case. We'll try to have everything in stock, and you buy what you want. Simple, really.

We feel a special gratitude to our Charter Subscribers, and we have a couple of things in mind for them. We'll be reaching out to this select group directly to explain, rather than discuss it here. But one thing I will state here: Charter Subscribers will be able to get future purchases with the serial number to match their existing albums.

Did this ever happen? As a charter subscriber I don't recall receiving anything as mentioned in the post. Thanks.


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