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Tape path kits - end of production


Thought I would mention here that we are taking orders for the final run of Technics and Otari tape path upgrade kits. It's such a niche product and so different in terms of parts inventory from our electronics kits that it does not work to keep it in the Bottlehead product line. So we are taking orders for the final run through February 18th.

Daves Basement:
Was wondering if it is too late to order the upgrade Kit for an Otari machine.  I just saw your post.



Daves Basement:
Just spoke with Josh at Bottlehead and no more upgrade kits are available.  I am in the process of updating / upgrading my Otari MX5050 and wondering if anyone who ordered a kit will either be cancelling theirs or else sell me their kit.  Thanks.

David D.


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