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High and Outside:
We just received this notice by email:

Information importante

Unfortunately, Jean-Pierre Gurtner has passed away on June 5th 2018.
His Phone number as well as his address e-mail are not in use anymore.
Until further advice you may use the following contacts for help
New address :
Simonet Jean-Michel
Chemin des Brisecou 12
2073 eng
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Telephone: +41 79 6376733
My name is Jean-Michel Simonet and I have been working with Mr. Gurtner in the Stellavox factory since 1969
I was responsible for customer service, final inspection and welcoming customers.
I have all the spare parts for Stellavox portable machines in stock, I do the repairs, Offers and sales

I have had my SP7 serviced by Mr. Simonet and he did a great job, so I can highly recommend him as a Stellavox service provider.

Agree,  I have ordered many parts from Mr. Simonet, he is correct and professional., an assit for Stellavox users :)


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