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Seduction Tape Head Preamp available - SOLD


I built five Seduction tape head preamp kits with NAB and IEC EQ last fall. Some how we have one left. I think someone had said they wanted it, but then didn't go through with the purchase. It's brand new, only run for checkout. Color is a suede green paint finish on the chassis plate and clear finish on the alder base. This repro amp has about 36dB of gain at 1K in NAB eq mode and wants to run into a line stage with about 10 dB of gain and at least 50K input impedance. Output impedance is 4K ohms. Tubes (2 x 6DJ8) are included. Price is $600 plus shipping. Contact me at 360-697-1936 or dan at tapeproject dot com.


You can learn more about the Seduction kit here:


Let me say first that I am a Bottlehead and one of Doc's several hundred long distance friends. That aside, note this tapestage pre being driven by a STOCK head RS-1500 received a standing ovation at CES 2007. I have bought one and finally have a functional RS to hook it up to. If your like me there is that question "can we get everything singing together well enough to get someone to applaud?"

Regards, Chuck McCalment

Thanks Chuck,

Actually that RS1500 did have a Flux Magnetics extended response head in it. And don't forget the speakers' contribution - I wonder if I could afford those Magico M6s if I sold BOTH kids into white slavery?


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