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TP-004 getts ready to ship


I've finally had a chance to print the spine labels for the slipcovers for Robert Cray's False Accusations. The cover art is running today and tomorrow. I've also printed more serial number spine labels for TP-001 through TP-003, for folks who have subscribed more recently and have yet to see their first tape.

The labels will be getting to the duping facility pronto, so the guys can get your tapes a-packing.

Maybe this one isn't the Led Zep that you rock fans are dying for, but Cray's guitar work is mighty tasty anyway. His tone and infallible sense of pace will make this one a real favorite for cranking up after a hard day at the topless bar. Just like " The Color White", this tape really puts you on the stage with the players. Real "up close and personal" stuff here. In a way, I really hate to say it, but the sound on this makes going to see him live seem superfluous. Hey Doc,.. maybe you should just do releases of dead guys?

Romo tells me they got the first 20 Cray albums shipped out this week. I am shipping another batch of cover art down today, and I should have a third batch ready with enough to complete shipping the entire production run by Monday. When the guys are done with those they will go back and catch up on the first three albums for folks who subscribed after we started shipping them. Then we will move on to TP-005.


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