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Author Topic: TP's Paul Stubblebine in May Stereophile  (Read 2231 times)

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TP's Paul Stubblebine in May Stereophile
« on: April 19, 2008, 03:53:09 PM »
Well it seems TP and it's directors are on a role with Stereophile.  Last month it was Fremer who said that tape (TP's tape to be exact) "blew away" even the best SACD, to bad he did not bother to mention the TP.  This month it is about Paul's incredible taste in loud speakers as it releates to an article about the owner of Magico, Alon Wolf.  In discussing the early days of Magico, the article stated:

"Soon [Wolf] was building speakers for friends.  Eventually, at a demo of speakers made by a different company, he encountered premier mastering engineer Paul Stubblebine, who told him he'd been traveling the world for many years looking for a speaker for his studio.  Wolf said that he was building speakers right down the street, reached for his card, and invited Stubblebine over for a listen.  Two weeks later, Stubblebine called.  He arrived on Saturday morning lugging his mastering tapes and Pacific Microsonics equipment, hooked everything up, and listened to full orchestral recordings for eight hours.  Wolf, sitting right behind him, had no idea if Stubblebine liked what he was hearing.  Eventually, Stubblebine rose and said, Well, I have to leave now.  It's late.  Sorry I took up your day.  I'd like to come again if possible.'  Wolf replied 'sure.'  Stubblebine returned in a couple of weeks and spent four more hours.  Finally, he turned to Wolf and said, 'These are the most amazing loudspeakers I've ever heard. I'd like to buy a pair.  How do we do that?'  Wolf eventually completed building the Walls, the 800 lb speakers that Stubblebine still uses in his mastering studio."

As a big fan of horn speakers I have always wanted to hear a pair of Magico Ultimates, but I am sure those Walls must sound mighty special.


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Re: TP's Paul Stubblebine in May Stereophile
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2008, 04:13:48 PM »
Just got that issue and I haven't even cracked it open.
Here's what I thought;,100.0.html
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