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UPS says two on the way!

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Just got two, count-em, two UPS shipping notifications that 6 lb packages from the Tape Project are headed my way!! Let the fun begin.....

Sounds like you are getting both 005 and 006. Have fun.  Larry

WOW!!! Dude you go getem, I am biteing at the bit waiting to hear that even just one is on its way.


Tapes 1 & 2 arrived today. Dave Alvin is spinnin' at 15ips as I type this. Romo says 3-6 won't be far behind. I got serial #61. A big thanks to Doc, Romo, and Paul for a job well done!!

I have to say that I am mighty impressed. I thought nothing could give my Walker TT/Micromagic Magic Diamond a run for it's money when it comes to analog playback. The "Doc"tored RS1500 and Seduction playing these tapes is something VERY special.

It took me a couple of minutes to get my head around the "tails out" concept of the reels (I am such and R2R newbee). Looking forward to having a few folks from my audio group over for some tape and Bordeaux.

Yes I want reply to the topic after 120 days
Well I got to play Side A of The Number White and discovered
my Otari still needs a bit more adjustments and tweeking.
None the less - with the lights out, and the breaker for the fridge
turned off (Small apartment here) I can't believe the sound stage and
how real the music lives in my living room. If she sounds so great with
my modest setup, I can just imagine how a optimized play back sounds.
Thank you all for a great recording, and will get back to side B when
the proper shims come in. I may need some better hubs too, but that
is for a later day.
Now I know how much of the soul, music has lost
going to so called convenience


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