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Author Topic: 2008/2009 Lineup for releases?? Or are we still catching up with 2007?  (Read 4606 times)

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With all due respect and MUCH gratitude for what the TP is doing, there are a few of us curious about "the future".  Of course we understand that you are at maximum capacity and those that have come THIS far in the search for the Holy Audio Grail should be patient.  However, the biggest fear is that you fine folks at the TP will get burned out on this tedious process of releasing open reel master dubs and not release anything further then what has been announced.

That said, we are halfway through 2008 with no new announcements on future releases for this year.  A lot of text on this site is still stuck in the year 2007 and I don't believe the 10 releases that were due out for 2007 have even made it out by this point in 2008.

Any word on any NEW releases for this year or early 2009?  The Absolute Sound mentioned listening to "Tutti" on tape yet I don't see that mentioned anywhere on this site.  Is that a release we can look forward to?

Anyhow, just looking for any new info.  An "outsider" or "newcomer" may look at this site and scratch their head as to why the year 2007 is mentioned so much when we are heading into 2009 shortly!

As a subscriber I want to make sure that the fire keeps burning at TP!!  Any new news for releases?
Joel Kozlowski

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I have a fun Idea.  Why not have those subscribers just "Announce" their ten releases!  Lets see,
Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section
True Blue
Monk's Music
Canciones Del Mi Padre
Cool Struttin'
Jazz Espagnol
Rooster Blues
Kind of Blue
Beethoven Violin Concerto Fritz Riner...

That feels better already!
I love the work you guys do.  My best hour of the day is my TP hour.  Just amazing stuff!  Keep it up!