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Mike Ramonosky kindly dropped off my copy of Waltz for Debby at Music Lovers on Friday afternoon, so that we could play it while we were demonstrating Analogue Tape on a really nice system; Luxman electronics  (two M-800A, Class A amplifiers, each in bridged mode) C-800f pre and a Sonorus modified DU-80 universal player driving Wilson Alexandrias, the new X2 series II. Tape duties were handled by a Sonorus modified ReVox PR-99 mk III.

The 'Waltz For Debby' tape sounds absolutely fantastic; so mechanically quiet, people questioned me if  Dolby was used in the system. What noise is there is that of the 'Village Vanguard' club; chattering, laughing diners, tinkling glasses and cutlery, etc in the background.. Gives the recording a great "you are there" in the club type atmosphere. Nicely recorded piano, bass & drums.

'Waltz For Debby' is one of those albums that creates not only a wonderful background atmosphere, but also rewards close listening.
The close rapport and the empathy which the trio achieved are very strong, and both La Faro and Motian play with remarkable subtlety and insight.  This empathy is apparent from the beginning of the first track "My Foolish Heart" where Evans evokes the melody slowly, in almost lethargic phrases that are heavily punctuated by bass notes underpinned by Paul Motian's roiling snare. The level of freedom in their playing is quite astonishing.

The Wilson's threw a very convincing soundstage and certainly had no trouble reproducing the scale of the Paul La Faro's double bass, the height is true to scale. Analogue bass is not well replayed in a digital system. Comparing the tape to the CD is pointless as so much of the low frequency subtleties  & harmonic texture seem to have been discarded. If you can't afford the TP tape, you are probably better off with the AP LP. Highly recommended.

Uh, I think you mean Scott LaFaro's double bass, right?

Hey Hibernian, could you explain your reference to a "Sonorus modified ReVox PR-99 mk III" please? Is/was this done by the same people who did STUDI/O? Is this a shop, or just some guru? I'm always on the hunt for modifications to the ReVox machines. Thanks for your help.

Hibernian; 'Waltz for Debbie' is one tape i've been really been looking forward to hearing....thanks for the feedback on it. i'm stoked to get it here. i wonder how soon the mailings will begin for Charter Subscribers?

my 45rpm Lp reissue of 'waltz' is waiting to go head to head with the 15ips....

i also have an EAR modified Technics......how does the EAR Technics RS-1520 do compared to the modified Studer A-80? PM me with the answer if you like.



High and Outside:
Hi Mike,

008's are duped and just about to be packed up. I think the artwork is being printed now. Phillip was in the area so we "loaned" him his copy before the artwork was ready. 


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